Hi! I'm Davide

I'm the creator behind the Dave Wave YouTube Channel, a channel about music and creativity.

I have now created "Music Theory from Scratch": a comprehensive online course that bridges the gap between music theory knowledge and tech expertise with the aim of taking your music to the next level.

About Me.

I'm Davide Di Bello (Dave Wave), pianist, music producer, video maker and YouTube creator from Milan, Italy. I started playing piano at the age of 6, studying classical music until, at the age of 18, I switched to jazz and discovered cool things like improvisation, stride piano and swing (cool but very frustrating: learning how to improvise after years of classical training wasn't that easy!)

In 2012 I opened my YouTube channel: going from having a creative idea to producing something valuable is definitely one of the most challenging experiences you can choose to take on but it's definitely worth it! In order to bring my ideas online I had to acquire new skills, study video editing, video animation, music production and learn how to develop and audience on Youtube.

After years of experiments (and failures!) I created a YouTube channel with a consistent stream of video content with +60M views and +290K subscribers.

Learning new skills in order to follow a passion and bring creative ideas to life can be challenging but it's an incredibly rewarding experience (there are no shortcuts, and anyone who tells you otherwise is probably trying to sell you something). This is why I decided to share on this website everything about my music (in case you're interested) but also share what I've learned about developing the skills you need to create what you want.

About my work

In terms of music production I developed a music and playing style that combines several music genres with elements coming from Jazz (eg. Stride Piano, Swing, Soul) and EDM (eg. Electro Swing, Swing House). My most popular video, "A Friend Like Me" (a remake of the famous "Aladdin" track) received +20 million views while other Electro Swing remixes went viral several times.

In terms of developing innovative video concepts I also started the production of a series of educational videos ("What's...? In 2 minutes") with the aim of showing "how music works" also to people who don't know anything about music theory. Have a look! The idea is that you will hopefully have fun while learning something new about music!). The series combines simple explanations with intuitive graphics and it has already received +8 million views.

Finally, I have now created "Music Theory from Scratch": a comprehensive online course that bridges the gap between music theory knowledge and tech expertise with the aim of taking your music to the next level.

I'm working on new video formats for my YouTube channel and on new online courses that you will find on this website, so if you don't want to miss it, let's connect! And feel free to contact me, I'd love to hear from you.

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